Sunday, June 7, 2009

Our 7 hour trip to the ER

What was a great trip visiting family ended us in the ER for the night.
Josie was on the top of a bunk bed and turned around and fell OFF. She pretty much did a "superman" dive to the floor and landed on a porcelain figurine that was laying on the floor.
At the same time she happend to fall off the Bed our neice Ashley (at the same house we were at) fell while roller blading and broke her wrist. Family Night at Primary Childrens ER! say the least.
Waiting in the ER waiting room....which ended up being 5 hours! Josie was a happy trooper through it all.

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Once we got put in a room...the trauma room, do to overflow that night, we had to wait another 1Hr. and 45 min.
Josie still happy. Reminder this is at about 2AM!
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Josie and her 2 gouges. Prepping her for stitches.
She was hilarious, they had to sadate her so she would be calm and content while getting her stitches, when she came out of the sadation (it only worked for about 15 min.) She honestly was so....thirsty she gulped down a gatorade juice box in about 5 seconds.
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5 Stitches Total!
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...7 Hours later....
Josie 5 Stitches.
Ashley casted broken wrist.
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