Wednesday, October 15, 2008

3 1 !!!

Yes, I just celebrated my 31st Birthday this past week. The girls thought it would be great to make me my favorite breakfast! Popeye Pancakes! Which was REALLY one of their favorites. None the less they turned out great and were yummy! Aren't they cute!

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We went out that night for dinner and celebrated with family.


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" It's a wonderful day mom, it's your Birthday!" (Pace) Isn't she too.... sweet!

Fall to Winter

Like always we have just experienced A Wyoming fall to winter...... overnight!

"What a Wonderful Snow" (Pace)

Pace was Exstatic when she first saw the snow!! She had to run and find her coat and snow boots and get out in it first thing!(she was still in her PJ's)

"I have to go make Footprints!!!" Pace exclaimed

Homecoming Parade '08

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A Wallhanger

My FIRST Deer!
Mike had to work so I took the girls and went hunting. I shot this 28.25 , 6x4 deer on opening day with only ONE Shot! I have to say I am pretty proud.

I have to admit, yes there will be another head mount going on the wall! We took it to the Taxidermist last night. We also entered Me into the "Big Buck" contest, and I am sitting. Check it out at and click on the top box with the deer in it.

The girls after our LONG day of hunting!!! They completely CRASHED!!





So I have come across a new liking in the kitchen....pickeling. I took advantage of the prosperus summer harvest. I spent 2 days pickeling asperagus, eggs, beets, a california mix(cauliflower, celery, carrots, peppers), and pickeling "Dilly Beans"(dilled green beans) I also added in some banana and zuccini bread between "batches". I have to say I have succeed they all taste yummy!!
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Ballet Shoes




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So Pace wanted to ballet this year. After sitting in my lap and crossing her arms the entire first lesson she has decided to like it and dance. Maybe it helped to get the ballet shoes, leotard, and skirt.... of course.

Friday, October 3, 2008

I'm a VIP

This week at school Pace is the VIP. We made a poster of pictures of Pace taken this summer and lists of some of her favorite things. We also took a few items to show and tell, Her favorite books, stuffed animals, and her real pet bunny rabbit (MiMi).

Antelope Hunt '08

Mike and I drew South of Rock Springs Antelope tags this year. This was my FIRST Antelope to Shoot, and after chasing him for an hour that morning, I put him down with 2 shots. He didn't end up being as big as we had thought he was!
Mike also got his Antelope the same day, later that afternoon. As you can see Mike's antelope was a pretty nice one and so we sent it to the Taxidermist. Yes, It will eventually be hanging somewhere on the wall.