Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!


We took the girls out for a late lunch to celebrate Valentine's Day!
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Our little Valentine's
They make me laugh, of course I took these pics. after they had been stamping and eating their "PINK" candy. Notice their "pink" faces oh and pretty much Josie's "pink" outfit... at the top at least.....(it was white)!? They're still pretty stinkin cute or no pink!

Also our poor kitty?...this IS how Josie pretty much "totes" it around. Honestly the kid keeps us laughing! Oh and YES it is a different kitty than an early post.
(we are actually on kitty number 4)!

C is for COOOKIE.....


We were invited up to our friends house for lunch, and to decorate Valentine's Coookies, the kids had a great time (as you can see)! I am not sure where the most "Sprinkles" ended up though, on the cookies or the Floor! Sorry Marlene!
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This is our little friend Dalan. He ended up eating his icing (pretty much all of IT) right off the knife, he hardley got much on the cookies....He's so cute...
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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Kids Eye View


Here's what I found on the camera after Pace had had it..... "I was just taking pictures mom".
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PoTtY tImE





Yes, we are trying to do the potty traning thing! Sometimes though the diapers ARE more convenient!
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Growing up


Josie's first haircut. We had to finally get rid of her baby "mullet"! What do you expect when your mom's a hairstylist!
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