Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Goates Family Reunion

The entire Goates Family...
Though it is a rare chance you get all 12 children and thier families together at once, we were able to snap a picture of everyone........... Here we all are...
Unfortuntely we were still missing 6 that weren't able to be there.

Playing Pinata:


Waiting your turn, taking a hit, and FINALLY the LOOT!
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Enjoying the swing set
Pace, Josie, Izzy, Lily,and Ben
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Playing in the sandbox
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Playing 2 full days of outside games and water fun. Even the "adults" I mean "older kids" joined in the fun

Summer Fun


This summer we have taken advantage of the hot summer days and have gone to the outside pool/s with our friends to enjoy a day in the water.
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4th of July


Camping @ Flaming Gorge over the 4th of July weekend.
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We went camping for the 4th of July this year out to Flaming Gorge, and to the girls excitement.....we were able to "go frog hunting". Pace thought they were and wanted to bring them home. We had to hunt and listening for them to "croak", we scooped them up and let the girls put them in a bucket. They of course took the frogs back to camp to "play" with them for the evening.
P.S. They DID NOT come home with us.
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