Sunday, October 11, 2009


Once AGAIN I am playing catch up. Scroll down to the entirety.

Daddy's little Helpers

VERY seldom does Mike get much done around our house....without 2 little helpers beside him!

The girls helping Mike paint the Outside Shed this summer.

Goin' Fish'n

A GOOD day fishing!

Fair Time

We went to the fair as a family one night while it was in town. The girls favorite part was the petting zoo. How many animals (pretty much goats and sheep) can a kiddo feed before it gets old? Don't they ever get full either?! Pace was a little adamant at first and Josie....well she jumped right in to feed them, Jos did get a little P..O..'d when she got too close and one of the animals took her ENTIRE cup out of her hand and ATE it!
They also LOVED watching the little exhibit off chicks hatching out of the eggs, and seeing/petting the baby pot bellied pigs.
We watched a shark encounter tank and the girls got to get in a cage divers use to go under water to view sharks...the thought it was pretty cool.

And....who could leave without getting a funnel cake and caramel apple.

Over the Mountains...and through the woods.......

After leaving Grandma & Grandpa Goates home we like to take advantage of the Mirror Lake Scenic by way and go up through the mountains on our trip home.
Our first stop Provo River Falls:
We love going here and try to make it at least once a year. Mike and I used to take and go up to the falls several times for dates. It is so beautiful, you can walk up along the river up to other small falls and enjoy a nice summer day and even take a nice little swim (late summer of course when the water is low).

Next stop Lily Lake;
This is such a fun lake it is always covered.... I mean Covered with Lily Pads

And lastly Mirror Lake: