Monday, April 13, 2009

4 days of Quite "moments" means TROUBLE...spelled.....J -O -S- I -E !

Honestly Josie keeps me busy. I call it the "2nd""Child""syndrom". She can never be left by herself to be content, that does mean trouble, or should I say I expect a mess. For three days now she has found a way to be momentarily quiet and messing. These are the Josie being quiet and laughing aftermath........

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Day 1:
Sorry no Picture....We were too mad! Josie was sitting on the stairs and quietly we thought. I came up the stairs to find her sitting in the middle of the long flight of stairs with um about 6 vials of the small jewelry making beads,that I make baby bracelets with, ALL Over.......... Her AND each stair. After cleaning them up and Vacuuming 3 times now....we ARE STILL finding beads.

Day 2 :
Hundreds of buttons spilled all over my ENTIRE entry way and both sets of stairs. Or maybe she was making us a trail on the stairs to the entry way. hmmm....

Day 3:
She took a WHOLE (Brand New) box of Wheat Thins and Poured ALL of them out onto the couch AND floor.
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Day 4:
Josie decided to hide somewhere(don't know exactly where) and Eat a GREEN Marker. As you can See:
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To be Continued....I'm Sure!

Fishing......I can Do anything .....You can do........


Mike took the girls out fishing and instead of fishing...well he said they fished for ummmmmmm about 5 minutes and then they threw rocks instead. (Mike joined in of course)....Hmmmm that's probably WHY they all came home emty handed.
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We took the girls bowling since we were getting pounded with snow. Or should I say We all were getting "stir crazy" in the house. We all were a kid at heart and had a great time.

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2 Year olds and Wedgies


Since Josie has been potty trained we now have the laughter/entertainment of her and her "wedgies". Just posting these pictures is making me laugh. Sorry I hope No one takes offense to these. Really though 2 year olds and wedgies are the cutest thing ever and I just love their little tooshies!
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So I was "doing" Pace's hair for school and realized she NOW has bangs! I found out that while I was gone doing a Jewelery show (Mike had the girls) somewhere in- between Mike cooking dinner and on the phone with the satelite TV tech. (now you can imagine them not really being watched over) this happened. Of course in the beginning it was blamed on Josie! Pace later decided to tell us the truth and her comment was...."it was just a little Snipit"..."I didn't want it ALL pulled back." (she was wearing a ponytail at the time. you see ........she has bangs!

These pics. make us laugh, she really plays up the whole "cheese" for the camera thing.

Read Across America Week


The Girls were chosen by one of their "storytime" librarians to have their picture taken with our City Mayor and the Cat n the Hat. So they were supposed to look like thing 1 and thing 2, but We had to wake them up from their naps to get them ready to go, so when we got their they wanted NOTHING to do with the Blue hair wigs and thing 1 and thing 2 name circles. Still turned out pretty cute though and they were mentioned in our local newspaper.
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bye bye diapee

Hallelujah! Yes that's what we are shouting these days....Josie has said goodbye to diapers. All of us have Also... believe me! That's right Jos is potty trained. (She'll be 2 in June).


Mike "revels" that his girls LOVE to read books/magazines while going potty.
(especially hunting ones)
Hey whatever works Right!
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Upload...... overload.........

First of all I REALLY have to apologize for the neglect I have put on our blog, Yes, I know it has been over a month since a single posting. Sorry! ;)
Any how...brace yourselfs for a month of recapturing.