Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pace Goes to Preschool !!

I have to say it was a little hard sending our little "Big" girl off to school. Honestly there were a few tears on both ends. But to say the least Pace was so excited to go to the Young Ones Preschool, and be in the "sparkling yellow stars" class. This is the same School one of her very good friends goes to and went to last year, so that inticed her even more. She picked out her very own "Kitty" backpack and Dora Shoes.

Flaming Gorge - Labor Day Wknd


We had so much fun camping at Flaming Gorge this summer over the Labor Day weekend. The girls absolutely loved riding on the Jet ski and swimming in the lake.
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Friday, September 19, 2008

In the Garden

One of my passions is to garden/work in my yard. This summer I took pictures of alot of my flowers since they grew very well, and their color is amazing this year, so I just thought I would share a bunch of my favorites. Yes they are all in MY yard.
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Summer Fun

The Girls loved taking advantage of the heat and playing in the backyard in the swimming pools. We hate to see Summer come to an end!!
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Bear World

This summer we went to Yellowstone's Bear World, it was so much fun. It's a bit on the smaller scale of things, but you actually drive your car through the bear habitat and actually see the bears up close and personal in their own area. We also we able to view Mountain Goats, Deer, Elk and A very Rare "White" elk. There's a feed truck that goes by every hour or so to feed the bears and We were able to follow right behind them and see ALL the bears come out and eat. They also had a bear cub habitat that we had fun watching the cubs play and chase each other around, a fish and bird feeding pond and a walk through petting zoo with deer, birds, goats, pigs, and other smaller animals. The kids a had a blast and loved to see the animals up close. I think their favorite was the petting zoo. Pace made friends ( and...KEPT feeding) a pot bellied pig, and Josie loved the baby fawns. Unfortunetly we lost the pictures off of the 2nd memory card we had so these pics. were all we had left.