Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Fancy Nancy Party

The cake!!!
Pace chose a purse for her Birthday Cake. My great friend Dierdra came over and helped me finish it for her party! It is my/our absolute favorite!
Thank you for all your help Dierdra! Pace and everyone LOVED it!!

4 Candles!! .... and ............One to grow on! (a Goates tradition.)

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Pace and her Friends in their Fancy attire...........
It was so...CUTE to see Pace's friends join in the fun of it all, and show up in their "Fanciest Attire". (Pace thought it was the greatest) They were quite Entertaining dressed up in their dresses, some in heels, necklaces, pretty hair bows, tiaras, fake earrings, and one or 2 even wore mascara and/or lipstick. I have to say they were all pretty "stinkin' CUTE!"!

Party Fun.............



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Nathan and Toni Southam said...

Oh my goodness, what a cute an fun party! I love it! You did a great job!

Mike and Quel said...

I had no idea who Fancy Nancy was. What a cute idea for a party. I absolutely love it! I'm so excited to have a girl!!

Lindsey Montague said...

That is SO CUTE! I am way impressed with the cake. Wow!