Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas Memories

Making fresh "Cookies for Santa", on Christmas eve.
(We think he really likes chocolate chip cookies.)
..........and an early arrival of some of his reinDEER in our front yard!

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Before the Girls woke up:
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This year the girls got a little spoiled, well I think they get spoiled everday! But hey what can you expect when you start to Christmas shop in August....and...You forget what you had gotten till 2 days before christmas!!
Pace's favorite thing she says she got was her Princess cash register and a pretend baking set for her kitchen. Oh and her Fairy trunk with fairy Dress-ups!
Josie I would definately say her favorite was her "hore-eeee" in translation "Horsey" and her princess piano.
And of course their matching Arm chairs with stools!!
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Marcia said...

I know all about kids being spoiled. It looks like mine got just as much stuff as yours did. Cute litle chairs.

Mike and Quel said...

Christmas looked like so much fun at the Goates! I'm actually kind of excited for the days when we will do our own Christmas at our house, but for now, its with the whole fam. We weren't around, so Merry Christmas:)